Yoga and Mindful Club

Please note that all classes are cancelled until further notice due to Corona 

Run an accessible and affordable yoga and mindful club/group/community at IEGS and for other IES staff. Give staff, students and close family at IEGS, as well as staff from other IES schools the opportunity to practice yoga and implement stress relieving techniques.

All members of staff  at IEGS and close relations
All students at IEGS and close relations
Staff from the IES schools
Public members invited by members from the group

Where and when:
IEGS Gymhal on Wednesdays from 17:30- 19:30

To all staff and students from IEGS we ask for a non-compulsory donation of 100 :- for one year membership. All other members will pay a one time 100:- fee for one year membership.

Staff and students from IEGS free
Close relations to IEGS students and staff: 90:- per session. 10x card 900:- (includes membership) 5x card, 450:- (includes membership)
Staff from all IES schools: 90:- per session. 10x card 900 (includes membership)
5x card, 450:- (includes membership)
Public members invited by group members: 120:- . 10x card 1200:- (includes membership)
5x card, 600:- (includes membership)

Distribution of funds:
Funds generated from membership fees will be used to buy and replace yoga equipment for IEGS sports department and renting in outside yoga teachers (when Leon Kuhn is not available). Funds generated by payments from staff, students and public members outside IEGS will be kept by the yoga teacher for the session delivered.

Yoga Elements are a registered company and can therefore give a receipt that can be used to get reimbursed for “friskvårdsbidrag”. 

Future opportunities (spring 2019):
Running yoga and mindful course with x12 sessions. Include outside teachers and talks on yoga and mindfulness.

Leon Kuhn

Sanna Flink

Secretary and accountant:
Sanna Flink