Our yoga classes

Hatha yoga: the original yoga style of all yoga forms. In our hatha classes we focus on components of Ā strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. We guide you through the whole body in a mindful and balancing manner, letting you be aware and present in the moment and create space to move gently into each position.

Sivananda yoga: a balancing and restorative yoga. A session always contains connection to diaphragmatic breathing, pranayama (breathing exercises), sun salutations, 10 -12 asanas/positions focusing on balancing the energy points (chakras) in the body and finally a relaxation or sivasana. This is a clean and safe routine to restore health and balance and mind and body. Often there are small adaptations to create a focus, intention or theme.

Yin yoga: a relaxing and healing form of yoga where you hold the positions from 2-5 minutes (sometimes even longer). On a physical level yin yoga stretches the connective tissue (the fascia) to make it soft and moist for your body to become more flexible and release tensions in specific areas. Yin yoga is related to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in the positions we focus on the meridians (energy channels) which run through the fascia. We also target certain pressure points (the same as in acupuncture and connective tissue massage) to balance your nervous system and restore good health and well-being.

Meditation and Awareness: Short meditation is often part of the yoga session. This is often done in the end after removing tensions, which makes for a relaxed focus.

Mindfulness: Leon has a special interest in mindfulness and has been reading, studying and completed workshops and training on mindfulness in the last few years. Stress relieving techniques and smaller workshops on mindfulness has been integrated into his teaching and role as mentor coordinator at work. This is to give teenagers easy tools to deal with stress and be more focused.