Our vision

Yoga Elements is run by Leon and Sanna and offers yoga classes and yoga events/retreats/courses in and around the Stockholm area. We have a soft approach to our yoga sessions building up a classes progressively to incorporate contact with your breath, gradual warm ups, positions/asanas adapted to your level and focused relaxation techniques. These all contribute to nurturing a healthy body and mind awareness, for a holistic and balancing yoga experience. Most of our sessions have a focus or theme targeting specific organs or energy points in the body.

During the course of the year and term, we create different events. This can be related to vegan foods and healthy eating and/or bringing people into nature to explore the positive effects of yoga in a vitalizing and natural environment. Some examples is our Out There Yoga and Outdoor Summer Yoga. We also want to promote sustainable living and eating. Therefore we have a Test and Taste yoga event, every term, combining yoga and a vegan sampling. Sanna develops various own recipes and inspires with her Vego Elements blog.